Atlas Wood Products 215-725-5384

2101 W. Clearfield St.
Philadelphia, PA 19132

Phone: 1-215-PALLET-4

Fax: 1-215-843-7115

We also accept major credit cards!

Atlas Wood Products is conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA.

Please contact us for more information.



Custom Wood Crates 215-725-5384

Decorate or Market with Wood Crates. 215-725-5384

Market Your Retail Space With Wood!

Most retailers look for a different way of merchandising.  Show or use wood boxes or wooden crates for organization, instead of cluttered aisle. Use wood items at POS POP for a cost effective way to display your merchandise in any size space, then consider wooden crates.

Wooden crates also work well for larger retail spaces such as mall window dressing. Fill  each wooden display crate with item to engage customers at check out. This encourages impulse buying and increases profits, all from just a few wood displays!

Wooden crates are an excellent. By stacking wood items or grouping wood wine crates you can create the iillusion of more room as you provide adequate product and browser mobility. Wood crates can be stacked in many decor ideas.


Small  Wooden Display Crates, 215-725-5384

Small Wooden Display Crates, 215-725-5384


2 thoughts on “Atlas Wood Products 215-725-5384

  1. Bill rosanio

    Interested in buying used wooden crates

  2. Denise Rogers

    I also am interested in the wooden crates. Can you please forward me the sizes they are available in?
    Thank you,


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